The Treatments Helped So Much

I have been a patient of Dr. Paul Williams since I moved to Winston Salem over 2 years ago. This spring I was feeling so good I skipped my monthly chiropractic appointments and ended up in terrific pain just a few weeks before a trip to Europe. Dr. William’s treatments helped so much – I went from hardly being able to walk to having no problems with trans-Atlantic flights, 10 day bus tour and miles of walking. Thank you Dr. Paul!

-Beth M

I’m Completely Pain Free and can even exercise with no pain

For several years I have had issues with lower back pain especially when exercising, Early November 2013 the pain started to shoot down my left leg and it became impossible to walk, sit, or stand I was basically immobile and in horrific pain. I went to my physician twice and was prescribed medicine but it did not seem to work at all. Finally I went to see Williams Chiropractic and after just two “Decompression” sessions I was starting to walk and just a few more sessions I was completely pain free and I can even exercise with no pain.

-Mark P.