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Your Clemmons Chiropractor Debunks Common Chiropractic Myths

Williams Chiropractic, your trusted Clemmons chiropractor, we hear quite a few misconceptions and myths walk through our doors on a weekly basis. Today we’re going to talk a bit more in depth about some of the most common misconceptions that we hear and shed some light on the truth. It hurts to get a chiropractic… read more

Not All Chiropractors in Clemmons Offer the Same Services

When you come to your first appointment with us, we will engage in a one-on-one conversation about your medical history, your problems and possible solutions. We will talk about procedures, treatment options and therapies and long term goals. During this procedure, we may determine that the best course of action is by utilizing our ProAdjuster… read more

Our Ultimate Goal is to Provide You with the Best, Most Up-to-Date and Technologically Advanced Chiropractic Care in the Winston-Salem Region

Fall is your favorite season, the weather cools down and football once again graces your television screen. All is right in the world, that is, until your wife forces you outdoors to rake up the mass of leaves congregating on your lawn. Now, you dutifully fulfill your job and sink back into the sofa for… read more