How the Pro Adjuster Enhances Your Chiropractic Treatment

At Williams Chiropractic, we often receive questions about our powerful Pro Adjuster tool and how it assists with chiropractic treatment. As one of the few chiropractors in North Carolina using this innovative equipment, we are always happy to share more information on how it can enhance chiropractic adjustments for optimal back pain relief! In today’s post, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the Pro Adjuster and how it works.

What is the Pro Adjuster?

The Pro Adjuster is a sophisticated tool born of NASA technology. It was originally developed to evaluate whether the outer rivets in the space shuttle could withstand the intense vibrations of take-off and landing. Then, it was adapted to measure metal fatigue on commercial aircraft and bridge spans. Now, it has been engineered to help chiropractors evaluate human body alignment and identify sources of back pain.

Many chiropractors turn to this hand-held device because they believe it is a gentler and more precise alternative to traditional hands-on adjustment treatments. But how does the Pro Adjuster work, and what exactly does it do?

Check for Subluxations

When one or more of your vertebrae shift slightly out of place, they often become too rigid or not rigid enough, putting undue pressure on your spinal nerves, muscles, and possibly even damaging the surrounding soft tissue. This is called a subluxation, and it’s a very common source of back pain. Subluxations can be caused by anything from poor posture to pregnancy to an accident like slipping and falling.

Fortunately, subluxations are easy to correct if they are properly treated. In a manual adjustment, a Doctor of Chiropractic will use their hands to feel for and correct subluxations. The Pro Adjuster uses sophisticated technology to do the same thing with greater accuracy, providing a gentle and precise approach that is ideal for everyone from infants to senior citizens.

Isolate Spinal Problems

During a chiropractic adjustment, your chiropractor will palpate (or check) your spine to test joint fluidity and motion. The Pro Adjuster does this by introducing a light force into the vertebrae and using a highly sensitive piezoelectric sensor to measure the force that is reflected back. This all happens faster than your muscles can react, so even if they twitch or flinch in response to being tapped, the instrument is able to obtain a highly accurate reading on the isolated motion in your spine.

The Pro Adjuster can easily determine whether your spine is hypo-mobile (too rigid) or hyper-mobile (too fluid) and isolate the problem area more quickly and accurately than manual adjustments can. If you are experiencing improper vertebral motion, your nerve function is interrupted, causing discomfort and pain, so if you’re suffering from neck pain, back pain, or lower back pain, the Pro Adjuster is an excellent solution to finding and fixing the problem. Ask your chiropractor about the Pro Adjuster today!

Relieve Back and Neck Pain

The Pro Adjuster does more than just measure your spinal motion; it can gently correct it as well. Using an oscillating force with uninterrupted motion, the hand-held adjustment device can gently “unstick” the vertebral joints to reduce or enable motion in the problem areas. It uses the data gathered from its piezoelectric sensor to determine the precise amount of force required and applies it to the correct portion of the spine. This sets your vertebra straight and removes undue pressure from your nerves, muscles, and tissue, effectively reducing or eliminating back pain caused by subluxations.

This process may sound frightening, but it is actually quite gentle. It does not hurt and does not cause damage to the body.

What Does the Pro Adjuster Feel Like?

Many people are apprehensive of chiropractic care simply because they are not sure what to expect. When you come to Williams Chiropractic to receive a chiropractic adjustment with a Pro Adjuster, the process is very quick, comfortable, and safe.

You’ll sit down in a special chiropractic chair. One of our certified Doctors of Chiropractic will move a small, U-shaped instrument down the center of your back, touching each vertebra in your spine and allowing the Pro Adjuster to detect any misalignment areas. If the instrument measures any problem areas, the chiropractor will hold the instrument against the vertebra while it uses a series of gentle taps to shift the spine back into its proper position. There are no sudden movements — it will feel like a light bumping or tapping on your back.

It’s so comfortable, in fact, that many people prefer the Pro Adjuster to a traditional hands-on subluxation correction.

Try the Pro Adjuster at Williams Chiropractic

At Williams Chiropractic, we are dedicated to providing the back pain relief you’re searching for. We utilize industry-leading tools, equipment, and training to ensure we are able to provide the best possible chiropractic care for you, which is why we offer adjustments with the Pro Adjuster. If you would like to try this innovative treatment, then please give our Clemmons chiropractic clinic a call today. Our experts will consult with you to find the right solution for your pain management so that you can enjoy the benefits of excellent health and overall wellness. Contact us now!

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