Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression With The DRX 9000

Neck and low back pain are the leading causes for disability in our nation. (Source) Stemming from this alarming statistic came the creation of a non-surgical spinal decompression machine, the DRX 9000. This machine has been said to work miracles when it comes to spinal regeneration. In a matter of a few weeks, patients have been relieved from neck and low back pain that has been a constant bother for years.

Dr. Williams was one of the first chiropractors to bring the DRX 9000 to Clemmons and North Carolina in general. Striving to provide the best overall care for his patients, Dr. Williams knew this machine was worth the investment. The DRX 9000 brings spinal decompression technology to the comfort of a local chiropractor instead of resorting to medication or surgery. This treatment relies on zero-gravity technology to allow the spine’s discs to align properly. It reverses protruding discs and herniated discs that cause nerve damage that leads to tingling through the limbs, and ultimately, constant and severe pain.

The 30-minute treatment process is comfortable, and most patients tend to fall asleep. It’s very safe because it is creating an environment within the spine for the disc to regenerate naturally. The pain is caused by a compressed disc. The DRX 9000 applies a slight suction force to the spine to decompress the disc. The suction creates enough space for the disc to receive the oxygen, nutrients, and water it needs to regenerate.

While this process does not require surgery, it does require dedication. The first few weeks of treatment are five days per week of 30 minute sessions each day. Then, you move to three days per week, two days per week, and finally down to one day per week for the duration of your two or three month treatment plan.

One of our patients, Debbie, suffered from lower back and sciatic pain for nearly three and a half years. After visiting Williams Chiro in Clemmons for her DRX 9000 treatment, she said, “… the DRX 9000 was an answer to my prayers when I had given up hope of ever feeling well again.” We love helping our patients find the pain relief for which they’ve been searching.

DRX 9000 treatment is available to most patients; however, we must consult with you to ensure you don’t have certain medical problems that can prohibit the safety of DRX 9000 treatment. Please contact Dr. Williams today to speak personally about your situation.

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