See Your Chiropractor After An Auto Accident


Many people assume that if they aren’t in pain directly following an auto accident, then they must be perfectly fine. They go on with their lives, deal with the vehicle repairs and insurance requirements, and don’t give a second thought to their bodies. Unfortunately, it can take days or even weeks for the symptoms of an injury to start showing up after an auto accident, especially if it is a whiplash injury. You may feel fine now, but in a couple of weeks, you may be trapped in bed under the full impact of a painful neck injury. Instead of waiting, seek treatment early, so you can be back to your daily life quicker and prevent further injury. If you need whiplash treatment in the Winston-Salem area, contact our chiropractor at Williams Chiropractic.

Whiplash – The Sneaky Pain in the Neck

Whiplash is a neck injury caused by a rapid and forceful back and forth motion in the neck, most commonly caused by a rear-end auto accident. Although professionals still don’t fully understand what happens when a whiplash injury occurs, we do know that the jerky back and forth motion can cause tissue tears and puts pressure on the spine, causing many different symptoms, including neck pain, blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, less range of motion, lower back pain, and neck stiffness.

Why is it so important to get whiplash treatment early?

Back in the day, doctors recommended rest for whiplash and put patients in cervical collars in order to limit the movement of the neck. Now, we understand that this is one of the worst things you can do because the lack of movement only makes the neck stiffer and lengthens the healing process. Instead, doctors will often recommend chiropractic care for whiplash treatment because it will bring the spine back into proper alignment. The faster you get your treatment for your whiplash injury, the faster you’ll get back to living a life without pain.

What if the vehicle was barely moving?

Many people assume that if the vehicle was moving slowly, an injury is less likely to occur, but the opposite is true with whiplash injuries. The majority of whiplash injuries resulting from car crashes are actually sustained at slower speeds, and a whiplash injury can result from other traumas as well, such as being struck or shaken (physically abused), playing a contact sport, horseback riding, or even falling off of your bicycle.

Call Your Doctor If

  • The pain/stiffness spreads to your shoulders and arms.
  • You’re experiencing pain or weakness in your arms.
  • Moving your head is too painful.

Contact Our Chiropractor at Williams Chiropractic

Have you recently been in a motor vehicle accident where your neck was subjected to a rapid, forceful back and forth motion? Don’t put off your getting any injuries you may have sustained diagnosed and treated. Contact Williams Chiropractic for effective whiplash treatment in the Winston-Salem area. Our expert chiropractor can help you get out of pain and back to your normal lifestyle.

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