Is Massage Better Before or After a Chiropractic Adjustment?


As the years progress, the public becomes more and more aware and accepting of the benefits of chiropractic care, and it is becoming increasingly common for patients to seek both a chiropractic adjustment and a massage together rather than opting for just one or the other. The question that everyone seems to have when it comes to combining chiropractic and massage is this: which one do you do first? Do you get a massage to relax your muscles prior to seeing your chiropractor, or do you visit your massage therapist after your adjustment to promote continuous relaxation. The answer to this question is not really an answer at all because either practice is perfectly acceptable. The ideal order of chiropractic and massage has to do with the patient, not the practice.

Massage Before Chiropractic

Many patients find it advantageous to have a relaxing massage prior to receiving a chiropractic adjustment in order to relax the muscles as much as possible before the chiropractor tries to realign the spine. This order of treatment is often ideal for patients who suffer from extremely tight or spasmodic muscles. By opting for the massage first, they are able to relax their muscles, which then allows the chiropractor more access to proper alignments.

Chiropractic Before Massage

Opting for a massage after a chiropractic adjustment has similar but slightly different benefits. The adjustment itself will realign the patient’s spine into proper alignment. The spine is then allowed to rest or hold there because the surrounding muscles are able to relax directly following the adjustment. This order of treatment is often ideal for patients who visit the chiropractor quite often because of recurring issues.

Do What Works For You

Although one order of treatment my seem to work better for certain people while the other works best for others, what ultimately matters is what works best for you. If you notice that you are visiting the chiropractor quite often but aren’t experiencing the relief or change you desire, try incorporating a massage into your self care routine. Schedule some of your massage appointments for before your adjustments and some of them for after to find out which order will best benefit you. This may take a few weeks to pin down, but your body will thank you.

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