How a Chiropractor Can Help Seniors

How a Chiropractor Can Help Seniors

Growing older doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice all of the things that you used to do, and thanks to chiropractic care, even unavoidable, age-related problems don’t have to sideline you. At Williams Chiropractic in Clemmons, we can help you start to feel better, no matter your age. Read on to learn about a few of the ways that our clinic can treat you, then contact us for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment.

Improve Your Range of Motion

Whether you have suffered an injury or you’ve simply lost some of your range of motion as you’ve gotten older, regular chiropractic treatments can be one way to improve and restore some of your range of motion. We will work on gentle stretching and adjustments to help make motion easier and as pain-free as possible. When you are able to move more comfortably, you’ll feel better!

Help Ease the Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint which can cause stiffness and pain, and the condition usually grows worse with age. In some cases, you might also notice that there is swelling and redness around the inflamed joints.

Arthritis can easily hamper your ability to move and do the things that are important to you, so regular chiropractic care is one of many ways to help treat this condition. By focusing on the joints that are causing you pain, we can help restore movement and reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

Decrease Muscle and Joint Pain

In addition to helping with joint pain caused by arthritis, chiropractic adjustments can also relieve some pain in your muscles. Muscle pain can be caused by improperly aligned bones that in essence throw your entire body’s posture off. Improper alignments can cause your muscles to fatigue more quickly, which in turn can sap your energy and may cause you to avoid activities that you enjoy. By adjusting your body back into proper alignment, we hope to promote reduced fatigue and muscle pain.

No matter how young or how old you are, chiropractic care is a great option if you want to use natural methods to help you feel better. Our chiropractor has decades of experience treating patients for many different conditions. If you are suffering from spinal compression or another form of chronic back pain, we utilize the DRX 9000 system which has offered relief to many patients who had been dealing with severe back pain for years, including patients who had previously undergone surgery and still lacked the relief they so desperately sought.

Our Pro Adjuster treatment system is another way that we are combining technology with our tried-and-true chiropractic methods to provide you with the best results available. By using computer-controlled oscillation, the Pro Adjuster can help increase the mobility of segments of your spine by gently and precisely readjusting your spinal column.

At Williams Chiropractic, we will do everything in our power to help you feel better. Our practice is devoted to providing you with the drug-free care that you need to be able to live your life the way you want to. Call us if you’re in the Clemmons area and would like to know how we can help.

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